Rename roadmap columns


Now you can rename the default columns of Now-Next-Later Roadmap to anything you want from Planned-In Progress-Done to Under Review-Doing-Deployed!

Khushbu Jain

Trending sort


By default, all the boards are now sorted by our new sorting algorithm that surfaces feedback that had recent activity and has been popular amongst your users.

...but why we need a new sort?

When the Board is sorted by Most Voted felt static. Items moved rarely and your users would only see the top requested items.

When the Board is sorted by Newest everything feels like a ghost town. Only a single upvote on all feedback entries. Not good.

Trending sort helps by automatically surfacing feedback items that have had decent traction in the last week and ranks them so your Board looks fresh, and new items keep popping up on top of the list.

Khushbu Jain

Changelog widget


Show what's new to your users inside your app!

Install it in minutes with Rapidr SDK.

All the release notes you write in Rapidr automatically populate in the widget as soon as you publish them.

Here are the installation instructions to get started.

Khushbu Jain

Merge feedback


One of the biggest challenges with feedback is the sheer number of duplicates that emerge over time.

We've listened to you and are excited to announce the brand new feature: merge any feedback into another.

When you're inside a feedback entry, which you suspect is a duplicate, you can pop open the "Merge into" menu to search if it's indeed a duplicate and merge it into the original feedback with one click.

We'll move all the votes and comments accumulated on the duplicate feedback into the original one –– so you don't lose all the important data.

Give it a go and let us know what you think about it!

Khushbu Jain

Attach images in comments


Like feedback, now you can attach images with your comments while replying or starting a new thread.

Give it a try now!

Khushbu Jain

Activity feed


Instead of just comments, we now show all the relevant activity that happened in your feedback, eg. you changed the status from Open to Prioritized, which is now listed like a comment in the chronological order.

Khushbu Jain

Intercom integration


Our Intercom integration is live for all customers on startup plan and up. You can install it either via the Intercom app store or by visiting the integration page in your Rapidr company settings.

It's a one-click setup and there are two ways to use Rapidr inside Intercom –– first, you can set up the Messenger app to let your users send you feature requests, and secondly, you can install it in your Inbox (Conversations) to enable your support team to track feedback and votes without switching apps.

Intercom + Rapidr feedback integration image #1

Visit this page to learn more.

Khushbu Jain

Assign tags to feedback entries


Today we're launching tags that lets you organize your feedback within a single board even better.

You can create as many tags as you prefer for organizing your feedback. Tags are unique per board, for example, tags on Feature Requests board won't collide with Issue Reports or Integration Requests. This opens up an avenue for collaboration between teams without messing up each other's workflows.

Try creating a tag now: head to Board manage page and then hit Tags on the sub-navigation. You can view, update and delete the existing tags as well.

Have feedback? Leave it here.

Khushbu Jain

Slack integration: Capture feedback & get real-time activity alerts


We're beyond excited to launch our newest integration with Slack.

Slack is the messaging app of choice amongst companies of all sizes, and now Rapidr seamlessly connects with your workspace, with a click of a button.

To get started, head over to your Company Settings > Integrations > Slack.

Authorize your current Slack workspace to use Rapidr, and you're done. It's that simple.

Here's what you can do with Slack integration -

  1. Capture feedback directly from Slack without context-switching: Slack is where the feedback is passed between teams. And, it feels natural to have a way to just jot down and capture the feedback without leaving the app (or context-switching). To capture feedback, use the slash command /rapidr to invoke the modal.

  2. Get real-time activity alerts on a channel: During the installation, you can choose a channel where you’d receive all the activity notifications. Feel free to add more channels later or disconnect the active ones. Also, you can slice and dice what you want in each channel from event types to feedback boards.

To learn more about how this integration works, you can read our detailed step-by-step walkthrough here.

Have feedback for us? Feel free to leave it here.

Khushbu Jain

Get email notification when you receive new feedback


What's new

We're bringing the feedback you receive in your feedback portal to your email inbox so you never miss a beat and keep your customers happier.

You don't have to turn ON anything; it's enabled for you by default.

If you'd like to stop receiving the emails, just hit unsubscribe, and you won't see them.


We've upgraded our page loader to be more omnipresent by moving it from the big-middle-of-the-page container to the top of the page.

Khushbu Jain

Introducing Changelog: Announce Your Product Releases


Our goal with Rapidr is to help product teams to build tighter feedback loops with their customers. You could already capture feedback, make informed product decisions, and share roadmap based on customer feedback with Rapidr.

We're more than excited to share that you can now complete the entire customer feedback lifecycle with our newest product offering: Changelog, also sometimes referred to as Product Releases or Release Notes.

Changelog is the easiest way to keep your customers or prospects in the know about what's new with your product.

Some of the things you'll enjoy:

Custom categories

By default, we include 4 different categories for you to select: New, Improvement, Fixed, and Announcement. But you can go beyond these basic categories by creating your own custom one.

Rich text + Markdown editor

We've combined the best of both worlds: You can write as you would, and use the toolbar to format your text. But, you can also write in Markdown and you'll instantly see it converted into its corresponding rich text!

🪄 Try writing bold text and see it convert into bold text.

Let us know what you think about this. If you have a feature request for us, feel free to drop it here.

Khushbu Jain