Feature Requests
Let us know what you'd like us to build into Rapidr
Reward users for bug reports
Jun 17·1
As a moderator, I’d like to reward/pay users (through stripe?) or something for finding bugs? I could definitely pay per validated bug report or something. Could reward user again if their issue gets ...
Automatic Code Of Conduct for all portals.
Jun 16·0
As a user and moderator, I'd like to use and give other moderators, a code of conduct to ensure a positive experience for the community we have. I'd love it if the code of conduct was a hyperlink at t...
In Progress
Show done items in Roadmap
May 22·1
Show done items in Roadmap (maybe only some of them that the company chooses) so that it's visible what the company already implemented based on votes. So we need another board column that I connect w...
In app widget
Apr 12·2
It would be nice to have a hotjar style in-app widget that invites users to leave feature requests and feedback
Under consideration
Chrome Extension
Apr 5·1
Chrome extension will let users add feedback from anywhere on the web. This would majorly help customer-facing teams to submit their feedback.
Logo should redirect to original site
Mar 2·2
When on the rapidr.io portal, if the user clicks the logo, it should take them to the original website, as a way to keep the navigation flow between both sites.
In Progress
Feature widget to embed on site / blog post / etc
Mar 2·2
I'd be nice if there were widgets for each particular issue/feature request that could be embedded on a blog post or in any part of the main website, to gather feedback (votes) + link.
More Customization (Dark Theme)
Feb 9·0
Currently, our customizations only affect the button and a few other things, would be great if we could change things like the backgrounds of the page, the requests, etc. Would allow for people to mak...
In App Changelog
Jan 25·0
Basically, for feature releases, most products post it on social media, send an email to their userbase and write a blog post + help centre section about it. Something I have rarely seen is good in a...
Under consideration
Ability to assign Tags on Feedback
Jan 20·1
Like Status, we'd like to assign Tags to individual feedback and filter by them.